Hosting .CSS file online for free

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CSS is a style sheet language that describes how a document produced in a markup language like HTML doc file. We can separate css from html by hosting it externally.

CSS files contain information about your website's style. Including CSS files in your head tag improves your site's performance and security. It's also a good idea to put only the styles you need in an external CSS file and then use the tag to link to it (instead of typing your whole stylesheet in the tag).

External CSS can be hosted anywhere and can be linked to any number of HTML files. For CSS file, it make use of .css file extension.

CSS files can be hosted easily with StaticSave website and will help you improve your website's page load speeds. All you need to do is to paste the code on the field provide and submit for save. The process is simply fast.

One can start hosting their CSS code online with StaticSave website for free. The service provided by StaticSave can be utilised by anyone who is doing mockups using CSS files online.

You can host upto a certain number of CSS files according to your account plan/access in StaticSave.

 When you are testing your CSS code for developement purpose or production purpose StaticSave can be a best option for you to choose amoung other providers.

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Why should you use StaticSave to host CSS online?

  • First, its free to start for anyone.
  • Hosted content will be available online always.
  • Whenever you need to edit the content, you can quickly do it.
  • Hosted CSS files will load blazingly fast and never run down.

On top of these, the service is very easy to use, simply paste in the code for your file and we'll return the URL where it lives. The whole process takes seconds.  

Published on: 20-Apr-2022 Updated on: 03-Aug-2022