Hosting Static files on website

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Hosting static files online is an important step in webhosting. And it should be hosted in a CDN for better performance and management when it comes to the production stage. 

StaticSave is a simple website which mainly focus on hosting simple static codes of css, javascript, txt, json and xml. It can hosted in minutes without much worry and the process is simply quick with StaticSave.

You will need an account to start hosting the content with StaticSave. After that anyone can simply host css, javascript, txt, json and xml easily through the dashboard. 

Users can update the code whenever they need it. All they need to do is to put the new code in the field provided and submit for save. You will have the option to delete the code from the website in case you need it.

StaticSave approach is paste hosting method, where users have the option to either type directly or paste their simple code to host it online rather than uploading the code files online.

And it is fast and the most convenient way to host static contents online without much effort from your side.

We will not show any kinds of ads within the content you have hosted. It will be free of ads. StaticSave is a reliable service you can always look for hosting simple static files online for free.

Published on: 20-Apr-2022 Updated on: 27-May-2022