Importance of External Hosting for CSS and JS Files

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When it comes to hosting css and js files, people often make the mistake of hosting them on their website directly (or at least placing them in the wrong folder).

This can cause some problems with compatibility and with your site’s performance over time as more and more users visit your site.

Instead, it’s better to host your css and js files externally, so that your web server only has to serve up html files, which are significantly easier to process than css and js files.

What is external hosting?

External hosting refers to storing your files on a server that isn’t connected to your web host. This is usually done with CSS and JavaScript files, which are too large to be stored in your site’s main directory.

These types of files are also called third-party because they don’t originate from your own domain name.

Why use external hosting?

If you’re creating a website, it’s likely that you’ll be creating separate files for your stylesheets and scripts, which is why we recommend using external hosting.

With external hosting, you can easily manage all of your css and js files in one place without having to worry about cluttering up your site with unnecessary links or code. This makes finding and editing your site’s CSS/JS files much easier than if they were stored on your server.

When you shouldn’t use internal files?

If you’re developing a simple website, it might not be necessary to use external files. If your site doesn’t need to support mobile devices or is relatively static, you can get away with internal CSS and JavaScript files.

However, if you want to make changes to your website that will work across all platforms (including mobile), it’s best to keep all content in external files. And when you need to update your css and javascript files frequently, it is advisable to host it externally.

Other benefits of External Hosting

Using external hosting services to host css and javascript files is something that everyone should consider. Using third-party services allows you to optimize page load time, save bandwidth costs, and easily maintain code changes on large amounts of sites.

In addition, it can be more secure than hosting it along with website html files.

Published on: 20-Jun-2022