Can You Really Build a Website Using Only CSS?

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I’ve long been curious about the debate on whether or not it’s possible to build a website using only CSS. On one hand, it would seem like doing so would be easy—just throw in some CSS and you’re done, right? 

But on the other hand, many people say it’s nearly impossible, particularly with complicated sites like Facebook and Amazon that require so much functionality. 

So which is it? Can you really build a website using only CSS? Or do you need to toss in plenty of JavaScript as well? Let’s find out!

It is difficult to create a website using solely CSS. HTML serves as the website's structure, while CSS is utilised to style the html tags.

Okay, so there’s been an interesting trend lately—lots of designers and developers have been experimenting with building fully functional websites using only CSS. 

Why you shouldn’t use CSS only?

While it might seem like cool magic trick at first, don’t be fooled into thinking that these techniques are ready for mainstream use. 

There are major limitations when using CSS to create more complex designs: What if you want to change something later on down the line (e.g., your header image)? That could mean editing hundreds or thousands of lines of code.

It’s true that, in some respects, building web pages using only CSS is fairly limited. For example, you can’t really create fancy animations and transitions without JavaScript. 

In short, if you want to do anything too advanced with your web design then you will have to use other technologies (HTML and JavaScript) alongside it.

Also, inorder to showcase any website the HTTP header should contain the Content-Type and which should be text/html inorder to properly render the webpage by the browsers. Whereas Content-Type of a CSS file will be text/css.

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Published on: 21-Jun-2022